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International Real Estate

Search properties on International Real Estate Association.

International properties for sale on 1122 portals

International properties for sale on 1122 portals

List your properties in spanish on Inmobiliaria Internacional website.

Inmobiliarias Internacionales is a real estate portal which delivers you international contacts from Spain, England, Germany, South America, Latin America, and more.

5 Steps for sale by owner

1 Prepare the house for sale

If you want to sell faster, you will need to clean, repair and refresh your home for sale. Before you sell you need to prepare your home to looks stunning. Think about what the buyers wants, try to impress  them, paint the walls, redecorate, remove the floor and change and replace as much as you can to make it looks like new. Remember the first impression is very important and it will help you to sell faster.

2 List your home on many Real Estate Portals

If you want to sell by owner you need to advertise in many reale estate portals as you can, because this way you will get more contacts from potential buyers.
Why don’t you advertise on 1122 Real Estate Portals? It takes a few minutes to list your property over 1000 real estate portals and advertise internationally your home for sale for a year.


3 Advertise internationally

Advertise international and multinlingual for receive more potential buyers from the very first minute your Ad is online. Manage your home sale online 24 hours a day for a year of international advertising. The international real estate is the best option to sell properties internationally and receive hundreds of contacts every days from different countries. We advertise on spanish and english to generate even more contacts!

4 Advertise on Google

Google is the most importants webpage in the world. If your Ad is at the Google’s top 10 you will receive 40% more contacts from different countries, all of them interested in your property online. We advertise your home for sale at Google’s Page 1! You will increase the audience inmediately, and your offer will be seen by thousands of unique visitors.

5 Contact directly with buyers

The buyers will contact you via email or by telephone. You will talk to them and negotiate the sale by your own. You don’t have to pay commission once you sell your property. We have over than a million of visitors per day!! This service includes seller protection and guarantee for international real estate.



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